• Do I drink 35% Hydrogen Peroxide?

    No - Never. At this concentration the peroxide will burn you. Always dilute your peroxide. If you are doing the protocol then you add 35% peroxide drops to a large glass of water +-300-400ml. For disinfecting purposes then dilute to 3%. To use as a teeth whitener then 2%. There are so many uses and the dilution differs for each use.

  • What do I do if I spill 35% peroxide on my skin?

    Immediately wash the affected area with water. You may notice a white blemish on the skin, which usually dissappears after 30 minutes.

  • How long does 35% Peroxide last?

    At room temperature, the peroxide loses 4% per annum.

  • Do I need to freeze the peroxide>

    Only if you are not going to use for long periods of time. The water will freeze, but the peroxide will not. Be very careful when opening a frozen bottle of peroxide as it is almost at 100% concentration.

  • Do I really need to use distilled water?

    No. Too much distilled water will strip your body of minerals. We have found properly filtered bottle water is sufficient. Never use tap water.

  • How much do I need on the protocol?

    One Litre should be sufficient. Any leftovers can be used for so many other uses.

  • Why can't I just buy peroxide from the pharmacy?

    Pharmacy peroxide (usually 3%) is technical grade which contains stabilizers unsuitable for drinking.

  • How do I know your's is Food Grade?

    Please download the Certificate of Analysis for confirmation.

  • Where can I obtain a dropper?

    You can purchase from us with your order, or ask your pharmacy if they sell them.

  • What advice can I ask?
    Due to the Consumer Protection Act, we can offer you no medical advice at all. We only make FG Hydrogen Peroxide available as a chemical. How you choose to use it is entirely up to you.

    However here are two excellent books you can download, as well as some informative websites:
    Download the 1-minute cure. Easy reading in laymen terms.(402Kb)
    Download the Truth about FGHP. (6Mb)
  • How long does it take to receive my order?

    From the date of collection by the couriers, it can take:

    1-2 days for deliveries in Gauteng.
    2-3 days for deliveries in other major centres,
    and 3-4 days for deliveries to regional areas.

  • Is Hydrogen Peroxide the same as Ozone?

    Sort of. A simplified explanation is that Hydrogen Peroxide is a highly reactive oxygen molecule bound to a water molecule. H2O + 0. Because the oxygen molecule is unstable it lets go quite easily and binds to negatively charged particles, specifically bacteria and viruses. Ozone from Ozone generated machines has oxygen molecules within the water, but very unstable. The water needs to be consumed within 5 minutes or the oxygen dissipates. One drop of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is equivalent to 3500 glasses of ozonated water.